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Ylkkäri is the University’s Student Newspaper of the Uni Oulu. Since fall 2012, an English part, consisting of a double page at the end of the paper, exists. And since fall 2012, B is contributing with her – slightly more serious – articles to it. Click on the pictures if you wanna read the whole thing!

Redefining Our University: of Moral Values, Social Justice, and Truth

Fair treatment, equal opportunities, respect for one another – these are all values any healthy society craves. Finland, even lacking a personal pronoun that distinguishes between men and women, certainly seems to have it figured out quite well. Constant progress and growth are inevitable though, and Finland does not simply rest on its achievements for a socially fair society. Comprehensive schools have implemented the anti-bullying program “KiVa” since 2009, and lately also the universities have hopped on this train. How can we implement the rules and regulations for treating each other more humanely?

Hi 5, Myths About Sweden Busted

Our reporter has moved to Sweden, and here are her views on what it is like.


futureStaying In Oulu After Graduation?

Finish school, learn a profession, find a job. Easier said than done. The traditional ways of getting employed don’t seem to work anymore, which evokes despair and scares the living daylights out of university graduates. We talked to Oulu students and learnt how they saw their future.

wpid-wp-1436736354279.jpegHalfway Around the World

Going on a huge trip requires weeks and months of careful planning – we all know that. Now imagine, after all this planning, everything suddenly changes. Our author discovered the freedom of ending up alone in a totally unknown situation, in a faraway country.


journeyLife is a (Cheap) Journey

Pack your bags, grab your camera, it’s summer! It’s time to travel. Low-budget traveling does not only save you money; it is also way more fun than a standard “hotel-beach-repeat” vacation.

biancan-babyMaybe a Baby? Life-changing decisions under the microscope

Sometimes you have to choose: a steep career or a cozy family life. Why not both? Our generation is not used to taking decisions with ruling out one alternative completely. We tend to make compromises and handle it all. But is this a wise thing to do when it comes to bringing a new life into this world? Is it harder for girls than for guys here in Finland? Let’s take a closer look at what our generation has to consider when getting a baby.

elections15Internationals in the Elections 2015: Feeling left out?

Every four years, when a parliamentary election is about to take place in Finland, it strikes us foreigners: we are not completely integrated. Only those who inherit the Finnish citizenship are, as in almost every country, allowed to vote. Are foreigners doomed to be subjects to a heteronomous fate? Or can they trust society in taking care of them naturally?


HomeSEEKness: The world is your home, but your home not the world.

The world is a global village. All the doors are open to us. We learn English, get a reason or a visa and off we go in quest of adventure: unlimited opportunities, various cultures and people. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Or might there also be a downside to such a vast spectrum of possibilities? We met seven expats, residing in Oulu, in order to explore the full meaning of living constantly outside one’s own country. Keep on reading and find out what it is to be “not yet attached”.

tahdonTahdon – I Do. And You?

At the end of 2014, as the last one of the Scandinavian countries, Finland took a step, admittedly not very huge, by voting for passing the law to legalize same sex marriage. Still, the vote was tight with 101 to 90. It was the third try to come to an agreement about that in the Parliament. This could be a huge change for “concerned” people – adoption was not possible for same sex couples. But is it a huge change for “non-concerned” people? What is all that fuss about? We have tried to look further into this with a multicultural discussion group in Oulu.

UunoLaGenteLa Gente Está Muy Loca!

Secretly, almost unobserved, our undercover-reporter has been conducting research for this article for the last three years. Joining international parties in Oulu (not the political ones) is not that hard fortunately, and even though southern people often prove to be party animals surely they can still learn a lot from the Northern Capital of Scandinavia.

tearsAre You Ready To Graduate?

Student life is the time of your life, they say. But beware –the day when your “adulthood” starts will come inevitably. You will graduate from the university and what’s then? Will you go back to your home country? Will you stay here in Finland? How will you earn your living? Planning the after-study life carefully and early enough is an issue that the university stresses repeatedly. Let’s have a look at the opportunities for guidance and support from this side, shall we?

Uuno_nettiinPublic Transportation in Oulu: Destination Unknown.

Oulu, you have so many titles: Capital of Northern Scandinavia, Silicon Valley of the North, and International City With a Small Town Spirit. You are charming, indeed, but what about your practicalities? How are the logistics organized in a city that claims to have nearly 200,000 inhabitants since the surrounding municipalities have joined this year? Not well, that is, unfortunately, the common tenor.


Internationalization-2Internationalization: International Power

Who represents international students at the Uni? Do they have the same rights and same access to what Finnish students are eligible for? To answer those questions one must certainly define “an international student”: doesn’t this term support vicious reasoning when it comes to distinction between a foreign and local fellow? We met with chairpersons of three most international-minded guilds at the University of Oulu and found out something really interesting.

sportitSport It: Why now is the right time to start moving!

The undercover investigation for “A Day With the Finns” gave the journalist a good run for the article this time. It is not due to the hottest summer in Oulu in 23 years. Our reporter went all out in it and tried various sports full-heartedly on her in order to give a genuine report about where it is possible to shake your booties in Oulu. She can tell you now first hand why it is important to do sports, especially when you are in Finland.


Summer-GuidenettiinSummer Guide – Oulu 2014

What can be worse than the “Great Winter Depression”? A summer depression! The days are long; the nights are bright; the sun is shining – and yet the place feels so dead sometimes as if you were the only person in the world, stranded in the lovely city of Oulu. Here are some tricks and tips for making the best out of your northern summer!



7sinsSeven Deadly Sins Of Student Life

“Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her”. It’s hard to be young and follow the rules. We are just at the beginning of our road, and we want to try everything; we need to experiment; we are hungry for life and all it’s got. The inevitable consequence however is that we are sure to make a bunch of regrettable mistakes that can influence our future life. We don’t mean to preach you. We just want to show you the other side of the fun you are having, as forewarned is forearmed.


vappujpgWappu-Mode: On.

Polish your emblems, sew your patches, equip your fridges and wine cellars – Wappu is coming! You might have already heard one thing or another about the biggest student party of the year. Days and nights are spent outside, reckless students in overalls celebrating, peaking out on the legendary Wappu Day on the 1st of May. What you might not know is what it is about. So, isn’t it high time you got an overview of it?


Biancan_juttuuntifAllow me to introduce: Your University!

Guys, it is high time you pimped your studying routine. Read carefully and learn about the University’s best premises for students to prepare for exams, to have lunch and to spend time in. Just imagine how your day at the Uni could have looked like.


RAERAE 2013: Academia – Always on the (Re)Search

A university is a place where you grow up while getting knowledge, improving your skills, meeting new people and preparing for the “real life”. But how does the university life look like on the other side, behind the scenes, so to say, in the heart of the faculties and departments? Where does all this endless knowledge, which is taught to us on daily basis, come from? Let’s peep into the backstage of the knowledge mining camp, shall we?

Hi, 5 International Views On Independence Day Riots

The “riots” at Independence Day 2013 and how international people think about this


Biancan_juttuun1442Jobs and Pens at Candy Day

You might have heard about the so-called “Candy and Pen” Day at the University of Oulu that is coming soon – on the 15th of January 2014. Nonetheless, PESTI Päivä, the actual name of this event, is far from deserving this funny nickname. It is rather a Career Day: companies, which might be your potential employers, will present themselves in booths and lecture halls, and you will be able to get in touch with them directly. And yes, it will involve lots of free candies and pens, as a side bonus.


uunoYes, We Could! Student Council elections 2013

If we really wanted to, we could make a difference! Every odd year in autumn students all over Finland get a chance to use the power of their vote to elect their representatives in the Student Council – those people who are claimed to be the main decision-makers in the Student Union, who decide on the usage of the Student Union’s budget, its policies and guidelines, and the fee the members have to pay.


International BlenderInternationalBlender

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the term “internationalization” as “bringing something under the protection or control of two or more nations”.



Cloudy-with-a-ChanceCloudy With A Chance Of Start-Ups

One cannot but wonder if there’s been something strange in the air of Oulu recently: an unusual concentration of business-minded people, loads of entrepreneurship events, start-up challenges…


Generation G

Doing “Exchange” – and what’s then: Master’s abroad, working in a different country afterwards? There seems to be no bottom to it. Welcome to “Generationgypsies G”! G (the modern “Gipsy”) stands for you and me, students and young adults on their merry-go-round journey with an unpredictable final destination.

Hi, 5 Ways to finance Your Studies

Running out of ideas how to raise money while studying? Get some new ones here!



The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page, they say. Are you ready to read more? As a student, you can combine exploring the world with gathering credits, while supported by grants. Sounds fantastic – what keeps you from taking the chance? Go on exchange. Now!


IMG_20150422_142353Money, money, money!

Some people say you don’t need it to be happy. But the fact is that although it may be cheaper to live in Finland than in any other Nordic country, compared to other European countries surviving here is a huge challenge – especially for those without an income.


ESN-Oulu-Mokki-Weekend-1Who Are You, Exchange Students?

Depending upon our origin, we can be classified into nationalities: Finnish, Swedish, French… But since a few decades, a new nationality seems to have risen and become bigger and bigger – the exchange student.

 irish-2How Irish Are The Finns?

Uuno’s undercover agent Bianca Beyer continues her journalistic investigation of the Finnish society. This time she chose to observe it in an international setting – at the Irish Festival of Oulu. Could it be an ideal place for international and Finnish students to mingle and make friends?

smallinaSmall In A Big World

Our writer spends a day with international students in their attempt to join a Finnish photography club Yokamerat and shares the ultimate secret on how to approach the ”Finnish world”.


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