B in Asia

44In July 2015, we are traveling half the world by train (ok, and sometimes by bus). Starting from Oulu, Finland, we go all the way through Russia, Mongolia and China down to Guilin (China). As people will be not less interesting, idiotic, funny and strange than what I have seen around me (and inside my own head) in Europe, so far, this deserves an extra special-edition blog-page with only pics and rants about that part of the world!

Let’s hope we make it!

To see the other posts, click on the menu, each one has their own page under “B in Asia”, or click on the links below!

B alone off to Mother Russia!

In Moscow

Day 1 on a train

Day 2 on a train

Day 3 on a train

Day 4 on a train

Lake Baikal and Irkutsk

More train and Ulan-Ude


Horror train trip

China, Stop 1: Beijing

China: On a train

China, Stop 2: Xi’an I

China, Stop 2: Xi’an II

China, Stop 2: Xi’an III

China: On a train again

China, Stop 3: Guilin & Longsheng Rice Terraces

China, Stop 3: Yangshuo

China: Back to Beijing



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