What’s this B?

Every blog needs a special something it deals with. Lifestyle, politics, sex – there has to be a topic.

Well, this one deals sarcastically with life, which is basically everything – with a touch of irony. And to make it easier for you, there are categories. And pictures.

Because writing is fun, and reading is fun as long as it’s entertaining. So let me entertain you. I write about anything. And: I promise it’s sarcastic.


1488684_605084662897516_870245294_nBianca “B” Beyer is a German living in Finland, being on an extended research stay in the USA at the moment. She believes people want to be entertained, and writing is a huge part of it, especially when using irony. As communication is very important for her and facebook-status-updates don’t even grasp a fraction of the things she wants to say, she created this platform. Everything that is to be found in here is 100% B-approved. True story.


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