Hinder Tinder!

ID-10051383This is a cry for help! It’s about high time people stopped using the most unnecessary, most brain-disrespecting, and simply put most useless app-invention of this century: Tinder. Do I sound bitter? Maybe so. Because I don’t get enough matches? Well, I wouldn’t know because I would never ever use this stupid thing! And I claim that anyone who has the slightest bit of respect for evolution and human interaction should agree with me.

This is not a feminist “guys just try to exploit girls” complaint. No, I have talked to both male and female friends, and they are equally disappointed and frustrated. Attentive followers of my blog know where this is going… right: where does disappointment come from? From wrong expectations! And clearly those of girls and guys using Tinder match in the rarest cases.

I said it before, and it is easily observable without profound scientific evidence: girls mainly use the app to get to know guys, to meet someone meaningful, to start a fling or more. And guys use it to get laid. So, who benefits from it? Well, in the end, no one! After a disappointing date during which it turned out that the interests in each other are far from similar, it all ends. Another afternoon of your lives – gone forever. In the worst case scenario, it takes even weeks until it becomes clear that the expectations were not pointing into the same direction.


Judging people by their Tinder pictures is as effective as having a date with someone wearing a paper bag on their head.

But honestly, how can you not predict this to happen? You judge people by their pictures. Even though you might argue now that your eye-sight is at least more developed than in a shady club after a couple of drinks, do you know how easy it is to alter pictures? Thanks to filters and even more redundant apps, any idiot can pretend to be a photoshop-pro nowadays – in the best case, they are just photogenic. This, by the way, means looking better on a picture than in real life. Classic description of a scam by nature.

A guy-friend told me using Tinder is satisfying and great for the self-confidence. I highly doubt that. Unless you’ve been raised in a box and are as naïve as a toddler, you cannot possibly be flattered if every random guy wants to “meet” you after seeing some probably photoshopped picture of you (one of my female friends once, out of curiosity, swiped yes for every guy offered, and had a matching-ratio of 100%). And what is this thing with getting satisfaction from attention based on your looks, anyways? Unless you invested a shitload of money into plastic surgeries, pass the compliment on to your parents, ‘cause you didn’t bear the brunt for this face of yours!

Tinder is like the local nightclub, just with higher idiot-density, minus the fart-smell. And instead of getting your butt squeezed three times a night when passing random people, you get a direct “I wanna bang you” thrown into your face. While I personally find neither of these experiences very flattering or challenging, I of course understand that preferences differ – I just claim we don’t need an app for that.

Ladies, if you want to meet someone with substance, don’t you think you could filter out the ones that use as much effort as swiping their thumb to the left or right in order to meet you? (And even though one could think they would at least know how to use their fingers, apparently also that is a misconception, I heard…) And guys, haven’t you been around this world long enough to know that girls need some more attention than a Tinder-match? Even if they claim they don’t. So if you still wanna use this app to get laid, be prepared to at least behave like a civilized person for a date or two, before you can turn into some cave(wo)men (and again, I claim those girls who are up for it you could also find without the app).

ID-100216513So, how about instead of being constantly disappointed because of mismatching expectations despite matching pictures, we start being those evolved human beings again that once learned how to read and write, and how to communicate in a more elaborated way than pointing with a club towards one another, grunting “you – I – babies!”? How about we use our charm and wit to convince each other of our mating-capabilities instead? And, once and for all, how about those who really don’t need all this conversation stuff to beat around the bush just admit it and jump at one another? If everyone just makes a little bit clearer what they want, the rest of the population doesn’t have to suffer from redundant inventions like Tinder, or from the complaints of their frustrated users.

Image courtesy of digitalart, Stuart Miles and vectorolie at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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