Of those who never manage to finish a

11003385_797086210346711_1207005394_oMy Mum uses to tell me ”Don’t expect people to think like you. There are many kinds of ways to the same goal,” and I try to remember it whenever I can, I swear – it’s just that I disagree so much with all those other ways!

Ok, seriously – no matter how tolerant and diplomatic you are or aim to be, I claim there are certain things that just don’t make sense to the existence of life. Yes, I might be very black and white in my thinking and thus most certainly give others ground for annoyance myself. But honestly, when it comes to doing one thing from the beginning till the end, I believe there is absolutely no leverage. Especially as part of a team! If you think different, don’t be a part of a (my) team. Please.

What is with this attitude, anyways, of doing things half-heartedly? Or just half way through, or just a random middle-part of the way? How did people who deem this path the right one even survive until now?

Let’s assume this is their general attitude, and picture some daily scenarios: They are hungry. They plan to make some food. They go to the supermarket and buy it, but then they change their mind and don’t prepare it – will they starve? Will they eat it raw and die of salmonella? Will they eventually push themselves to preparing it, a couple of days later, after it has expired – not good, but still counts as food? I don’t know.

Different scenario: they apply for a job. They prepare an application, but by the time they come to writing their CV, they just don’t feel like it anymore. Will they send the application without CV? Will they send no application and stay unemployed? Will they – wait, yea. Probably the latter one is true.

Let’s not even think how it might be to have sexual interaction with these kind of people. Frustrating, most certainly.

11002309_797084307013568_1889654920_oBut those hypothetical scenarios give me also reason to start worrying throughout my normal daily life. I encounter so many people I don’t know personally, and I deal with so many people of the described group who don’t manage to finish one thing without constant supervision, that I cannot help but conclude there are more of them out there. And some of the strangers I encounter daily could belong to this group! Imagine, a pilot of an airplane – oh gosh! He would start flying the plane, and then decide he does not want to land it, so he just leaves his seat and we will all die!!!

Once, in Russia, we ordered some burgers in a restaurant, and after we had been waiting for about 45 minutes, our (Russian-speaking) guide came in looking for us. He asked the waiter-team for our food and then started yelling at them. As it turned out, the waiter who had taken our order simply “forgot” to pass it on to the kitchen! His one and only task he did not manage to fulfill. Fortunately once the kitchen got the order, they did remember to prepare it, after all.

Luckily, in the real world10999058_797086230346709_1720565576_o, there are such control mechanisms as a salary, a boss, and pressure from all kinds of sides to stay in your job and earn some money. Probably this is what keeps most of the people going. Unfortunately, those controls don’t exist in voluntary organizations. Intrinsic motivation is what should be driving people to take part here, and what should be driving them to finish the things they start. There are no penalties whatsoever, and the rewards (being in good company instead of sitting at home alone?) are hardly to be erased or reduced. So while you trust in yourself and those you believe in to do the job right and at least try to give all you got, there are those people who start something and then lose interest. And when you ask them a week later if their task is completed, they simply did not do it. So beside the job being undone, you’re additionally out of time to do it yourself.

Once, we joked that we would need a babysitter for these kind of people. By now, we are looking for an affordable one. Please submit applications through the feedback-form. And in the meantime, I pray for them to not stop breathing just because it’s too much effort.

Illustrations by Barbara Stettler.

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