Another Awesome Year – So Let’s Move On!

DSC_0543Every year again, we follow the same traditions towards the end of December. We light candles, put up Christmas lights, become all dumpish (in a good way!) and listen to a hundred years old songs for the millionth time. Harmony, this is what December is all about! And yet we go home, see our families, have the same old fights about the same old things (‘Why are you not married yet? When will you start your own family? When will you finally have a real job?’), and become all frustrated and exhausted while dreaming of a harmonic Christmas.

Not soon after, the next frustration arises, namely when the everlasting search for the perfect New Year’s Eve party ends. Most probably it does so in a mediocre party with mediocre food and entertainment, overpriced drinks and other equally disappointed fellows. While we are sipping our mediocre cocktail alone in a corner at 23.46, wondering where the love of our life is and why (s)he is not here with us, reminiscing about the past year and promising ourselves to make it all better in the next one, disappointment is what crawls slowly up our legs and shadows our hearts.

IMG_20141224_175417And what is the cause of all this frustration and disappointment? Expectations, as usual! Too high expectations about an unrealistically harmonic Christmas and a New Year’s blast that could never be fulfilled even if we had the whole range of A-class stars on the guest list. Why are we doing this to ourselves? We probably lived through an acceptable or nice to awesome year, yet we expect the end to come with a bang. As if everything that might have gone wrong throughout this year (and there always is something, even in an awesome year) can be evened out with a perfect ending. Of the year. Because, honestly, this is not the end, it’s just the end of the calendar. Everything else seamlessly continues.

Let’s be realistic: If some of our relatives question us about our lives only at Christmas, this is probably due to the fact that we chose to not talk to them voluntarily any more often. Hence, they are trying to update themselves, force their outmoded opinions upon us and try to justify the ways they chose for themselves by wanting us to pick the same ones. But hey, the people who understand us are up to date because we frequently talk to them. So instead of seeing Christmas as the ultimate feast of harmony, let’s expect it as what it is: A get-together of a diverse mix of people that, besides their DNA, have not much in common anymore. Approval, support and understanding cannot really be expected from people you only see once a year, can it?

The same goes for New Year’s Eve: Why would it be better than any other party throughout the year? Just because it is the last one? Try to be among good friends and have a nice evening, and everything will go just fine.

IMG_20141221_204518What is very human, however, is this reminiscing about the past. Maybe we need that to be able to move on: Stop, think about what was, wonder about what could be changed. Yet, it should happen not only once a year – self-reflection is a very important tool for development, and it cannot be used to often. So while we are clicking through pictures of happenings all around the world in 2014, or through our own ones, provided to us by facebook, measured by the amount of “like”s we got per picture and status, we could also just ponder a bit what has happened.

I don’t wanna share a collage about a year that facebook has manufactured for me, so I abuse my blog for that. Facebook was quite close, though: I had some magnificent achievements career-wise this year. Those were my very happy moments, the awesome snapshots. But then, there was so much more that cannot be depicted in a simple shot at a single point in time: The friends I made. All the great and also the less great moments I had with those friends. Falling in love, so many times: Again, I cannot stress enough the importance of the friends I found. The time with the ‘old’ friends that I had made already before the calendar year 2014 started. All the snowboarding, partying, sun bathing that facebook actually captured. All the great conversations it failed to depict. At the end of the year, I am just thankful for the people who are in my life, no matter how frequently. And I don’t wanna change a second of that.

And now, let’s move on towards all the upcoming ups and downs that create this great feeling of being alive. Let’s move on to the next year!

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