Women quota – get ready for the surgery!

Right on time when this new law was passed in Germany that literally everyone is talking about today (no matter which gender or nationality), my favorite satire magazine posted an article claiming executives are now discussing, who of them has to stand through the necessary surgery of a gender-change in order to fulfill the women quota that is required from 2016 onwards. I could not have put it any more ironically myself: hats off for the last sentence “’Cause what would be the alternative, honestly?”

Yes, what would that be? Hiring women into management? According to my (yes, male) friends I talked to today, this is probably a no-go. It is sexist and bullshit and will leave thousands of qualified men jobless on the streets, while unqualified, maybe even fertile (!!!) women waste their best and (as a birth machine) most productive years in management, contributing with unqualified ideas and non-sense. What a horror scenario! Our economies would enter a downwards spiral, and maybe even a (so far only hypothetically imaginable) cataclysmal disaster like, I don’t know, a worldwide financial crisis could happen!!!

You got the sarcasm? Ok, then let’s continue a bit more reasonably. Yes, the minds are split concerning a women quota. There are pros and cons, and also I can understand the cons. In an ideal world, we would not need such a thing. In an ideal world, people would be hired regardless of their gender, skin color or nationality, and just according to their skills. In this ideal world, governmental regulation would be unnecessary and the markets could control themselves. Unfortunately, in the real world, people are still selfish, greedy and lazy. Everyone basically thinks of themselves first, and how to get the biggest advantage out of something (with the least possible effort). After all, change always means extra work. Therefore, governmental regulation is sometimes needed. To avoid cartels. To overlook and prohibit discrimination. And exploitation.

No one with a clear conscience and a sensible mind set can tell me that on our planet, where we have an almost equal amount of men and women, it is naturally so that half of the population is more qualified than the other half – based on their gender. If we train only one half of the population for certain things, we are responsible for the outcome. If we teach girls to behave like this and boys to behave like that from the moment they are born, we are responsible for having an uneven distribution of self-esteem, skills and education. And then we have to change things at the roots (yes, and not at the top with a quota).

But nowadays, there are already enough qualified women, at least in our part of the world. We have changed the educational part long ago – and maybe also the self-esteem part. So why are there still so many 60-year-old, fat white men in our managements? No one can tell me that is because anyone younger, or less fat, or less male is not qualified enough. Especially for such a thing as management. That comes almost with common sense already.

So, wouldn’t it be so that in an ideal world, where people are hired based on their skills, the gender is equally distributed? Or maybe in one board there are more men, but in another one more women, and it balances out again? Isn’t it even so that just logically, only 50% of all jobs belong to one gender or the other (this is a good argument for those funny people who think that a quota “takes away” the job opportunities for men, btw!)?

How come, even in an emancipated country like Finland, women at the top are a minority?

I agree that a quota should not be needed. But I disagree with the current distribution, and therefore I support the approach that if you cannot change people’s minds with reason and arguments, you gotta force them sometimes. Otherwise, we would have to wait until all those who are born in a different era, those who vote against homosexual marriage and think that men are more qualified than women per se, plus their offspring that is brainwashed by them right from the start, are extinct. And I don’t know about you, but I have no time for that.

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