Everything Once Special

Watch out, don’t step there!

Voicelessly I cry out to you, but you don’t hear me.
Obliviously you continue your rough way, the path you chose for yourself, determined, hasty.
It is the wrong path, can’t you tell? Can’t you see it? It is so obvious. Look at the warning signs!
You do not see them.
You do not hear me.

Lined up neatly like pearls on a string,
next to each other and yet each as lonely as they can be,
our irrecoverably lost memories are lying there in the dirt, glowing out sadly,
desperately reflecting the remains of a long extinct sun.

You do not see them.

You do not hear me.

Watch out though, you destroy them!
You stop and pick up the string of pearls. Crush them slowly with your fingers, one by one.
Like overripe, half rotten berries they burst in your hands, destroyed forever and soon forgotten.

There, the way you used to look at me when I was laughing. Plop.
And there, the way you hugged me good morning every day. Plop.
The way we understood each other silently. Intimacy. Trust.

You rush on, burying the pieces of the pearls deep in the mud with your firm, determined steps on your chosen, bumpy path.
Everything that once united us, everything once so special,

You no longer see it. And I no longer remember.

Certain and confident of being right you drag me along, along on this dark, lonely path that feels so wrong.

We are not us anymore. Not you and me. Not and.
Just you.
Just me.

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