Nudity? Well, no, thank you!

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We all came to this world nude – and then we start using it against each other.

As promised, one really hot topic will be discussed by me today. At the beginning of this week, nude pictures of actresses were leaked all over the internet. Old hat, you might think, as it is already Wednesday now. Right, but what is – as usual – more interesting than the happening itself is the discussion about it. As my feminist nature requested, I clicked on an article saying something like “Leaking nude pictures of women is pure sexism”, ready to rage in silent agreement with the author. But oh, what did I have to read there? Although I totally agreed with most of her arguments about nowadays’ obsession of strangers with women’s femininity, judging their each and every move (not enough kids – too many kids – prude – slut) to an extent that makes it impossible for women to act accordingly, should they aim to please societal requirements, I did not agree with the conclusion already promised in the title.

I don’t think, personally and honestly, that this was an act of sexism. Or at least I don’t think that people looking at the pictures are sexist. The reason for mainly women’s pictures being spread instead of men’s, and for those being so popular, is way more simple, I reckon: who wants to look at nude pictures of men? This does not have anything to do with the gender or sexual orientation of the audience – women are utterly more aesthetic than men are, period. A half naked man with a six-pack – ok, I would look at that. But that is neither degrading nor intruding anyone’s private sphere, given the fact that men think just because they don’t have boobs and therefore do not reveal any secondary sexual characteristics when running around shirtless, they just do it all the time. Like, literally all the time. Regardless of the eventual existence of six-packs, by the way. So spreading half naked pictures of men around the internet would not really create any scandal (or money-gain, ’cause this is, as always, the true intention behind all this), even if they were hacked and taken without consent. And full-frontal pictures of entirely naked men – does anyone really want to see those? Living in Finland, I have had to see this image way too many times. On pictures, in real life – and my natural reaction is rather to escape than to stop and stare. But who knows, maybe it’s just me.

Certainly very pretty, but as it doesn't humiliate anyone, it's probably not suitable for internet usage.

Certainly very pretty, but as it doesn’t humiliate anyone, it’s probably not suitable for internet usage.

When I once encountered a very insistent young man trying to send me a picture of his penis via facebook chat (yes, you are reading correctly), I seemed to shatter his whole world when revealing to him that this would not at all be a tempting experience for me. But then again, I also don’t quite understand people looking at very close close-ups of certain female body parts – well, whatever. I still insist on claiming that a curvaceous naked body of a woman might look more appealing than the testicles hanging between a man’s legs. Before I raise another angry discussion, however, let’s just steer back to the initial point stated – is this spreading of leaked pictures an act of sexism? Maybe. It certainly found a weak spot that is likely to be more exploited when used for harming women than for the opposite sex. But on the other hand, there might be other, gender-specific ways to harm a man that could never harm a woman, which happened to not be exploited in this certain situation.

Another explanation for the imbalance of popularity between naked-women-pictures and naked-men-pictures might be that it seems to be in the nature of men more than in that of women to be obsessed with nudity – although several studies tried to refute this, I claim that the existence of numerous strip clubs with the majority of customers being male, additionally to my own research (namely listening to my male friends talking) gives enough evidence for this theory. And no, this is not sexist – next time I can write a bit about why it is impossible for men to claim sexism. I just need to gather some research on racism first, if you know what I mean.

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One Response to Nudity? Well, no, thank you!

  1. Kirk Kardashian says:

    More than anything it is the simultaneous obsession and restriction of American culture with sexuality. In fact, that is precisely how those ladies made their millions in the first place, e.g. sole function of a Kate Upton is being a cocktease (there is no such thing as a “swimsuit model” as in trying to sell swimwear to actual women). They and their employers have been capitalizing on this fact, and it is an outrage because now that capital have been removed from their control. No one will care about their Playboy shoots as much anymore, and they won’t get paid the same millions.
    This is why FBI gets deployed on this by the way, although these were certainly not the first of such pictures, no one gave a shit when it was the girl next door because she wasn’t worth $40+ million.
    But media will be giving it a feminist spin; because it happens to lure the clicks the most nowadays. And if there have been sexism actually, it was committed when those ladies were cast for their roles because of their looks and “assets”, an agreement they were an equal part of.
    Worst of all, the celebrity worshipping target demographic that love to cheer to the privacy-breach tunes, will tomorrow go and buy the magazines with Kate Middleton and her baby, Kim Kardashian and her boyfriends on the cover, quite possibly published by the same media circles that accuse of sexism.
    But we shouldn’t worry about the inequality, because we will also cheer when Mel Gibson’s, Tiger Wood’s, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s infidelity stories leak; a man’s nude just happens to be something else. Which human doesn’t like a good schadenfreude after all?

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