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A Friend Forever, Please

Imagine you have found a very good friend. You get along awesomely well, you have the most fun together, and you talk with each other about everything. All the time. Its is not exactly rare, but also not very common … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning – Wiping Old Traditions Away

Just the other day I had to deal with one of those dusty, old-fashioned points of view again that I stumble across regularly in the neat tiny town I am living in. I was talking to a friend, 22 or … Continue reading

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“Don’t be sad that it’s over – smile because it happened!” Whoever has experienced this empty, frustrating, downwards pulling feeling after a period of great times might have heard this sentence from potentially well-meaning people who attempt to raise spirits. And … Continue reading

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Club Of The Uncool People

Whenever we think we have grown up and are finally adults, and everyone around us has as well, and magically all of us behave mature, reality hits us. Somehow we could have suspected it – did our parents always act rationally … Continue reading

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