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An Ode To Finnish Values

Being only half as bitter as one might think from my previous texts, I cannot help but notice Finnish people’s numerous great features. They catch my eye especially recently, being at the threshold between studies and working life and having to consider which country … Continue reading

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And We’ll Never Be Loyal (It Don’t Run In Our Blood)

We human beings are selfish little creatures. Our whole lives we struggle to be altruistic, caring, thinking of others before we think of ourselves – fighting our natural instincts constantly. Although being selfish is healthy to a certain extent, we … Continue reading

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Reading The Runes

Luckily, life is dynamic and with initiating one thing, more stuff happens automatically. I don’t even have to start fretting about finding a topic for the next blog entry. It’s Wednesday again, and let’s try something new – a metatext: … Continue reading

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More News is Good News

I guess it’s time to throw in my two cents worth to the ongoing Ukraine-Russia-Crimea crisis. Not content-wise, hell no, I would not dare. Things are way too complex and complicated and actually vague to make sense out of it … Continue reading

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