Trading in: Glass shoe for glass ceiling


The rather old-fashioned gentlemen can now get their lady a glass shoe made by Christian Louboutin, apparently.

While being super busy complaining about the disappearance of the true men (you know, those who fight for their lady, and stuff) we might have overlooked that together with the heroes in slippers another species crawled into our daily lives. Unperceived at first, concealed as a normal participant of our modern, all-so-free-and-equal society, the sexist returned – as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. At first glance, he seems to be totally fine with a society where men and women are (said to be) equal, and everyone can work the crap out of their bodies as much as they want. But if you listen carefully to what he has to say, he cannot deceive you forever!

When asking my colleague yesterday, half-joking, why he sounded so angry during his client phone call, he simply said: “Cause she interrupted me. And I cannot stand it when women interrupt me.” Trying to give him a chance to correct himself, I asked if this applies specifically to women only, when he answered, certain and distinct, “Well, with men it depends on their competence. But with women, it’s simply a question of respect.”

Oh yes, respect. This thing, of which some claim you gotta earn it, and others seem to be expecting more from certain groups of people than from others by nature. It’s a tricky, naughty little thing, this respect. Another incident that I had some weeks ago shows the complex and difficult structure it seems to be made of: Someone (male) claimed more respect from me as he found me talking “disrespectfully” to him by not letting him boss me around. He requested respect by intruding my private space and –sphere, and finally trying to educate me with a slap on my cheek. Cause, as a woman, I probably gotta earn respect. He however deserves it by nature, with the mere existence of his – probably not too impressive – penis.

We gotta indulge the majority of men at this point, it is not easy for them either. Most of the time we don’t know what we want ourselves – a “real” man? A nice one? Being treated equally, but still with more respect because we are, well, ladies? Fact is, at the moment our problems have just been reorganized. Instead of being stuck in the kitchen, we are now stuck under a glass ceiling, free to choose between being a cold-hearted career-woman, housewife, or sex object. The space has expanded, the idea stays the same: Or are we really the ones having control over our image, bodies, future? Lily Allen tries to raise awareness, but the truth is more than just a funny music video. It’s hard out here for a bitch.

At least those kind of stories give me a good laugh with my dear girl friends who immediately come up with a thousand reasons for these guys being unconfident, prehistoric and yes, simply sexist. Cause that, my dear new generation of gentlemen, is what it is.

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One Response to Trading in: Glass shoe for glass ceiling

  1. Anthony says:

    Those men who are like the ones described are over compensating for what is lacking. They feel they need to force respect from women because they cannot earn it in bed or society.

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