Alternatively uniform

hipster_fucks.jpg w=640Do you know this feeling: thinking back to your teenage years you start shivering in shame over what kind of trends and movements you were part of, just to be cool? And how desperately you wanted to belong to the cool kids? Well, if you don’t, lucky you. I gotta admit I can hardly forget those days, and reminiscing about them lets me appreciate my grown-up life even more, where I can take decisions (well, at least fashion wise) based on my free will and just because I feel like it. And then I proudly pet my own shoulder for being so comfortable with them.

I don’t know if some people try to postpone their grown-up life, or if they are just lacking backbone – but with horror I have to observe in my daily university life that it seems to turn into a high school again, slowly but surely. It started unknowingly with the appearance of the hipster. Some people followed the trend, others didn’t. Normal stuff. Some just adopted a few characteristics of the hipster, like posting food-pictures on facebook, wearing (fake) glasses, growing a beard, or the inevitable Miley-Cyrus-hairdo. And yes, I am talking guys here.

But what is this, that, once noticed, jumps to your eye from afar – it is a new trend! It sneaked into our lives and now it is present everywhere – the hipster backpack! It is ugly, it is small, it looks really boring and, due to its ridiculously thin straps, very painful as soon as you carry more than one book with it (but why would a backpack for university be practicable, right?). But here comes the most striking fact: It is from Sweden!

So let me sum up. Finnish students, who, wherever and whenever they get the chance, tease, mock and complain about Swedes (mainly because of their hipsterness, by the way) decided to invest their hard-earned money in totally overpriced items made in Sweden to look even more like a metrosexual Swedish person, and additionally like each of their peers? Call me crazy, but I find that odd.

In elementary school we all had to have the Scout backpacks. The first third of my high school it was exchanged with a 4You backpack, followed by the famous and incredibly impracticable Eastpak. backpacksThe last third I could finally be free and carry my stuff around in whatever I wanted. And it stayed like that in my university life. Until now. I am astonished, shocked and a little bit amused realizing we are not yet past the point where everyone has to follow a trend possessing and showing off with one particular item.

I will celebrate the day, however, when the mainstream hipsters decide carrying a Prisma-plastic-bag on your back is a new trend. And maybe invest 20 cents and go along with it.

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7 Responses to Alternatively uniform

  1. Anthony says:

    I feel as if you should write more on this topic! It ended too soon!!!! Haha. Incredible addition to your blog!

  2. Jocke says:

    I have got some exclusive information for you B! There is an upcoming new trend that will take the world by storm. Watch out for people wearing skinny jeans and (here comes the new part) t-shirts that have their backside prolonged by a good 15-20 cm. How do I know, you ask? Well I am the one to induce this new trend. “But this will look super rediculous?!” I know, right? Well that’s the point. I will have the laugh of my life!

  3. Tommi Pekkala says:

    I agree, You see those damn kånken bag all over place. They look really unpractical and they are totally very “hipster” since nowadays all the wannabes have one. I prefer to have a functional backpack for everyday use (such as tightpack) , these things just last and they don’t look bad. I even think that these things are even more hipster than the box shaped swedish creations. If you have the confidence, you wear what feels the best. 🙂

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