Back to Nature

: don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. This wise sentence might be applicable to many different situations in life. How hard the lack of modern technology strikes us, the inhabitants of many PSOAS houses in and around Linnanmaa had to experience in the most painful way yesterday.

Some core switch in the network broke, and our biggest nightmares came true – no internet. On a Sunday! Sweet, praised, hangover Sunday, when no one has to feel guilty about facebooking and wasting precious time online for hours, you were taken from us! Suddenly, radically and without any warning or hope for an end. No one was even able to figure out what’s going on without omniscient google!

It must have been quiet on the social media, but somehow it got livelier outside. After the first shock people actually went outside. Interesting (and quite a relief) how capable we still are of having some fun in nature. Maybe the magical date of Juhannus weekend had some influence here, where Finns escape from the city life and return to nature?

Also, there are so many other things going on at the moment: Oulu has not forgotten about the lucky few of us who stay here during summer. Since mid-June, the Oulun Päivät (Oulu days) are going on. Lasting until the 7th of July, there’s something fun to do every day: Hiking tours, visit concerts or markets, guided tours through different locations – you could even climb the water tower!

And as the summer seems to be on a come-back now, just sitting in the sun with friends is also always a good option. Physical – or facebook friends: some clever people were to be found in front of the university yesterday, catching through thick uni-walls radiating internet powers provided by panoulu.

But all worries aside, luckily the internet is back by now. Otherwise, how could we complain about it loudly today?

This post initially appeared on the blog Ouluwhispers. It was written by Bianca Beyer in June 2013.

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