Fresh and New

Have yinnovation-fanou heard? A couple of brand new innovations have been introduced to Oulu recently:

Summer, for instance. This is a concept that has been proven to be successful in a lot of other places all around the globe already, and finally has reached Oulu. Might be in the beta-phase still, so enjoy it while it’s on – when the final launching will take place is still unknown to the public…

This blog is another one. Attentive followers might realize that is has been established in November 2012 already, but having been on a long hibernation, it is finally revived and shall deserve the additive “brand new” as well!

And the most striking innovation has happened at the university: There’s “dessert-coffee” now! If you get a coffee within an hour from the moment you purchased your lunch (keep your lunch receipt!), you pay only 60 cents! That’s quite something, considering the rather inexplicably high coffee prices at the university.

Time for a self-study. You have to keep your strategy in mind from the beginning: Ask for the receipt when you get lunch. Eat fast. Ok, but now the tricky part: Which is the coffee for 60 cents? The small cup, the bigger one? The take-away paper cup? Don’t worry, you get them all for discount prices, the price list is next to the cashier.

And if something goes wrong (after all, this concept is really new, even to the staff), you can be sure to be reimbursed when asking for it. Ignore the Finn in you, stand up for your rights, complain! Even more effective in a friendly way, no kidding. Finnish service is straight and honest.

Straight and honest, but nothing extra: If you’re expecting American over-the-top friendliness, and free stuff as compensation for mistakes, don’t be disappointed: Once a customer, being a bit irritated by the piece of plastic garnishing his salad, returned to complain:
“Ah, that’s where it went”, was the murmured explanation by the lady picking the foreign object from his plate. His salad was plastic-free, his face disappointed, the job of the lady done. True story.

Manual food-picking – could be another innovation? Let’s continue with picking the pineapples off the pizzas, maybe…

Picture: taken by Riitta Marttila, found on Kaleva

This post initially appeared on the blog Ouluwhispers. It was written by Bianca Beyer in June 2013.

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