The Great Shave of Oulu

great shaveAgain it is this time of the year – this time where no one cares. Unspoken rules to please a common 21st century ideal of beauty are annulled and guys’ most undisclosed desires can apparently be lived out freely.

However, common ideals arise from common interests, don’t they? Why trying to fight them every year, again?

It starts with a good idea. Of course it does, that’s how things always start. Unfortunately, it seems that afterwards it creates its own dynamics. Every year in “Movember” (formerly known as November), each person capable of growing some facial hair can just ignore the question whether it looks fashionable or not. They can even conceal and justify it with the fact that they are doing something good for society. By growing a moustache in Movember, men would raise prostate cancer awareness – how these two elements were initially connected probably remains a secret of the inventors of this campaign.

Did you know that this movement has been going on since 2004? I didn’t. Actually, I have never seen so many people enthusiastic about it before I came to Oulu last year. It might be the secret dream of each Northern Finn to round up their (clearly more thoroughly than elsewhere) elaborated style with a detail that was “in” in the 80’s. Or is it maybe a message to break this style? Another theory would be that – given the fact that Finns’ hair is less dense than in most of the southern countries – a moustache would be an easy-to-achieve beard for anyone.

Luckily, December is around the corner and Movember will soon be over. I wonder what will then happen to this hard-earned and self-grown accessory: will it simply be erased, or has it already become an irremovable part of “the individuals”? Surprisingly, when listening to some gentlemen talking about their newly acquired moustache, it seems they are proud of their new style.

According to the rule, everyone should be moustache-less by December 1st – but many of the people I have been talking with are seriously considering keeping it …longer.

This certainly goes beyond the campaign, but if you are proud of wearing an outdated add-on, you should definitely stand up for it! Don’t take Movember as an excuse to start growing a moustache. Next time, you could even start it in October already! If you can’t grow a proper moustache, you can begin with the lonely hair at the corners of your mouth and let it grow longer instead of larger– it might be an original alternative to the trend. Still counts.

However, it still remains questionable whether the ladies like it or not. An important point to take into consideration, isn’t it? Some of them might be impressed by statements like “At the end of the day, you can with a quick lick guess everything I have been eating today!”

Well. Even though the truth hurts sometimes – I really doubt that. Actually, at the end of the day, people could already guess what you ate just by looking at your moustache.

Personally, I am looking forward to the end of this week and seeing “normally” haired faces again. Doesn’t the moustache belong somewhere to the age of Tom Selleck? Isn’t it bad enough that a high percentage of our dads already ignore the fact that time (and fashion!) changes? What is to expect next, to suit the moustache that survives Movember – a permanent wave?

Anyway, be a good person, support the charity movement even after Movember, yes please. But do yourself and those who look at you a favor and rather donate some money here:

Picture: Maciej Sobocinski

This post initially appeared in the blog Ouluwhispers. It was written by Bianca Beyer in November 2012.

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